Record Your Yoga Classes: Alignment Cues

Teaching yoga to others through “audio” is a wee bit of a different beast to teaching “visual yoga”.

With audio-based yoga classes, you are not able to visually demonstrate the pose. Plus, you can’t see if their alignment needs adjusting.  That’s why it’s important to give detailed alignment cues for all poses. This “giving detailed alignment cues” is great practice to become a better yoga teacher!  If you watch the top yoga teachers, you’ll notice they give very clear and precise directions.

This whole post can be summed up in one sentence…

“Give a little bit too much instruction than not enough.”  

You can give great instruction by using The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit when creating your yoga lesson plans. Each pose comes with precise step-by-step teaching directions, benefits, modifications, alternatives and precautions.  There’s also a link to a video of the pose in case you could do with a few fresh tips on how to teach it.

Another great tip is to paint a picture in the minds of your students by teaching with a poet’s heart.