The Welcome & Introduction Script

The first segment of your yoga class audio or video the most important.

It is where you introduce yourself, and set the tone for the remainder of the yoga class.  The first segment is like the cover of a book.  If you do it right, the reader (viewer) will want to see what’s inside. But if you get off on the wrong foot, you may never get the viewer on your side.  They’ll go off in search of another yoga class to stream or download.

The Welcome & Introduction Script

The Welcome and Introduction Message usually will be something like this…

“Welcome to [class title]  E.G. 15 Minute Yoga: The Little Black Book Of Yoga Golf Poses Used By The Pros.

I’m [Your Name] and am a qualified BWY yoga teacher and golf professional.

In this yoga class, you’re going to learn how to:

  • [Benefit 1]  E.G.  Learn how to slow down your breathing when addressing the ball
  • [Benefit 2] E.G.  Learn how to visualise and feel the perfect shot
  • [Benefit 3] E.G.  Learn how to enter the peak performance zone more often
  • [Benefit 4] E.G.  Learn a really nifty walking meditation

With that said, let’s get started….”

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