Audio Recording Formula: 8 Steps

I recently received an email from a yoga teacher asking me this question (we had previously spoken on the phone)…

Hi George, 

Microphone and armband arrived. What recording app for my iPhone did you say to download for the mic?

My reply was…

Hi [Yoga Teacher’s Name],

You can use the default recording app. On an iPhone it’s called Voice Memos Recording App. There are many others that you can purchase from the Apple Store.

I personally use a recording app called Recordium (for iPhones). It’s one of the most expensive recording Apps at £7.99, but it’s well worth the price tag. Why is it worth the £7.99? Because one of their nifty features gives you the ability to add images to the audio. That’s a great feature for us yoga teachers.

Hmmm, I think a real life example is called for…

The other day I was recording myself teaching Sun Salutations.

Here Are The Steps I Went Through To Record A 15 Minute Sun Salutations Session…

Step 1: Picking A Handout 

After a bit of umming and ahhing, I decided to record a 15 minute yoga practice of Sun Salutations in my front room.

The reason was simple.  I had created a one page Sun Salutations handout using yoga stick figures a couple of years ago, and thought it would make a good 15 minute audio yoga class. There are 200+ pre-filled yoga class handouts that you can use (or edit) within The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

Yes, you can record anywhere you like!

Most yoga teachers record their classes at their local village hall, but you could take your yoga lesson plan out to a field on a sunny day and record there.

You can record…

  • You can record in your home yoga studio (if you’re lucky enough to have one).
  • You can record all your one to one yoga sessions.
  • You can record on a busy street (if you’re a bit of a performer).
  • You could record a meditation audio on an airplane flight and call it “Airplane Mediation”.

There are no limits!

Step 2: Setting up

Setting up is really easy.

I turn on smartphone, click on the Recordium App, slip the smartphone into my jogging armband (make sure the one you get fits your phone), and put the armband on the top part of my right arm.  I then attach the Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone to the smartphone. I place my cheat sheet (e.g. Sun Salutations Handout) on the front of my mat in case I get a bit lost.

Step 3: Recording

When I’m settled on my mat, I click the big red “record” button.

I usually do the first recording as a warm-up. I will listen to the audio and make notes of any changes to my trusty cheat sheet (handout).  I can click the big round red button anytime I want to pause (for a little breather) and click it again to resume recording.  I then click the blue “Save” link to, yep you got it, save the recording.  Sometimes it takes 2, 3 or more test runs before I get a recording that I’m reasonably happy with (you’ll never be 100% happy).  Just do your best and move on!

Step 4: My Partner Takes Photos 

This is where the “Recordium App” pays for itself.  I take of armband off my arm and remove the phone.  I then give the phone to my partner to take photos of me.  She starts the audio from the beginning of the Sun Salutations and each time we hear myself getting into a new pose (e.g. Mountain Pose), she clicks “pause”, clicks the “red photo icon” and takes a photo of me in Mountain Pose.  That photo will then magically be placed at that spot of the recording.

I know!

I know!

It’s a ridiculously amazing and super duper cool feature!

We follow this process until she’s taken a photo of me in all the poses.

Step 5: Create Another Handout 

I can then use those images to create a “handout” that can uploaded with the audio.  I usually open up one of the 200+ pre-filled yoga class handouts within The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit (one that already has a yoga sequence) and replace the images with my own.  I then save the handout as a PDF and upload it along with the yoga class audio. You can upload as many “bonuses” (PDFs) with the audio as you want.  These bonuses will help increase the perceived value of your audio.

Step 6: Folders 

That five step process may have sounded a bit complicated, but once you get the Recordium App and have a little play, it will make sense.

I also like the fact that I can easily create a folder and sub-folders within the Recordium App.

For example, I’ve got a folder called “Yoga Classes” and within that folder I have sub-folders called:

  • Mantras
  • Live Classes
  • Breathing
  • Golf Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

If I want to record a golf yoga class (I used to be a pro golfer), I’ll click on my “Golf Yoga Folder” and click record. The recording will be saved in that folder. I can then rename that audio something like: watts-george-golf-breathing-exercise1.

Step 7: Transfer To Your PC (computer) 

The easiest way to transfer your newly recorded audio is to email it to yourself.  Click on the recording.  Then on the icon at the top right (share icon).  If you’ve added images to the audio, select the “Recordium Package”.  Choose how to you want to transfer.

Your options include:

A) Share with Wi-Fi (Use your computer’s browser to transfer.  You’ll be given a URL).

B) AirDrop (Click a button to send it to your computer).  It will be sent to your “Downloads Folder”.

C) Mail (Send by email)

D) iTunes (Send to your iTunes)

E) Evernote (if you’re an Evernote lover, this is a great option)

F) Use your phone lead (pretty old school, but works).

Step 8: Organise Your Audios On Your Computer

I recommend creating a folder on your desktop called: “My Yoga Recordings” and sub-folders for each recording (same folder system as you set up within “step 6”). Within the sub-folders you can also add any bonuses (mentioned in “step 5”) to be uploaded with the audio.

Examples of bonuses you could upload with your audio:

* Upload a PDF of your yoga lesson plan (which you can create using The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit).

* Upload a PDF of any handout(s) you created (use/edit 200+ handouts within The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit).

* Upload an IMAGE of your hand drawn sequences (take photo with your smartphone).

Adding one, two or more bonuses will dramatically increase the perceived value of the audio.

Useful Links 

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube about “Recordium”.

Here’s a short intro to Recordium


Here’s another short video


And here’s an article written about Recordium in the Telegraph.

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