Listening Revolution: Bluetooth Headset

I recently had myself a “listening audios revolution”.

I bought a Taotronics TT-bh03 Stereo Bluetooth Headset on Amazon and can listen to audios without any dangling wires. It’s great for anyone who wants to practice their yoga (while listening to one of our yoga classes).

You could plonk your smartphone on the ground and follow along with the audio yoga class. That’s fine. But what if you have other people in the room? And what if those people don’t want to listen to a yoga class (perish the thought)?

Well, that’s where good old “bluetooth headsets” come to the rescue.

What Is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless communications system that banishes forever the need for cables (ear phones) to hear audio on your smart phones.  It’s a headset without cables.

What Is Taotronics TT-bh03? 
The Taotronics TT-bh03 Stereo Bluetooth Headset works seamlessly with iPhone, Android Smartphones, tablets, iPod touch, and other Bluetooth-enabled music players, mp3, stereo devices.

Why Use Taotronics TT-bh03 To Listen To Yoga Classes? 
The reason I use this headset is because:

A) I get a deeper quality of audio (better than listening direct from your computer, tablet or smartphone).

B) There are no annoying cables. I have total freedom to enjoy taking the yoga class while my partner is in the same room (she can’t here the audio).  How great is that!  OK time for an example.  Let’s take yesterday for example.  I usually do my yoga practice in the front room.  There’s a wonderful view out of the window (wooded hill, green fields and lots of sheep).

The 7 Steps

Here are the seven steps I take to choose, listen to and practice an audible yoga class…

Step 1
I unfurl my trusty yoga mat by the window.

Step 2
I make sure my Taotronics TT-bh03 headset is on (hold large button for 3 seconds).

Step 3
I choose an audio class from my iPhone.

Step 4
I make sure the bluetooth setting is switched on my iPhone (go to Settings/Bluetooth). If the device isn’t paired, I’ll click “TT-BH03” and the iPhone will pair my iPhone with the Taotronics TT-bh03 headset. I’ll hear a bleep sound (when wearing the headset) when the connection is made and it will say “connected” on my iPhone.

Step 5
I listen to the yoga teacher giving instructions and dutifully follow along.

Step 6
My partner occasionally glances over to me while she’s watching something on Netflix (at the moment she loves the “Once Upon A Time” series).

Step 7
My puppy will attack me dozens of times throughout my yoga practice.

Any time I make a movement he thinks that signifies play time. I should train him out of it, but it’s a lot of fun having a puppy do downward facing dog when you do it.  One day a talent scout will see me and my dog practicing yoga together (through my living room window) and we’ll be famous on YouTube.

Video Review Of The
TaoTronics TT-bh03 Bluetooth Headset


You can purchase the Taotronics TT-bb03 headset on Amazon (UK).


  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless headset provides stereo audio experience
  • No wires or cables – freedom to enjoy your yoga classes on the move
  • Pair up in seconds, 33 ft working range, up to 8 hours of uninterrupted talk or music
  • Behind-the-head design for luxury comfort
  • Foldable arms for protective storage and easy portability
  • Hands-free calling (use to take and make calls on your smartphone)

In The Box You Get

  • The Headphones (to be worn around the back of the head)
  • Mini USB to USB charging cable
  • A soft storage/carrying pouch
  • Instruction booklet

These headphones feel well made and have a modern design finished in a Gloss Black. The speakers are cushioned and sit well on the ears. They also fold flat for storage in the pouch provided.

On the right side speaker is where everything is controlled. Here you will find. . .

  • Volume
  • Previous and next track buttons
  • The LED indicator
  • Multi-function button
  • Mini USB charging port
  • Microphone

In Use

It takes approx 2-3 hours to fully charge the Lithium polymer battery. Whilst charging the LED indicator glows red. A full charge gives you approx 200 hours standby and 10 hours audio listening/speaking time.

To pair up with your phone/tablet/pc which in my case is a iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Macbook Pro, just press the power button and keep depressed until it beeps. The LED indicator will flash red/blue and it will show up on your device as ‘BH03’.  Just accept and it will say ‘paired’ and flash blue only.

You are now connected and any music/audio/radio you listen to from your phone will now come through this headset. There’s a 33 feet (10 meter) signal range between these headphones and the device they are connected to.