Recording Audios: Attract More Students To Your Offline Yoga Classes

Here’s my reply to an email from a Yoga Teacher suggesting yoga studios may become a thing of the past because of “online yoga classes“…

Hi [Yoga Teacher’s Name],

Thanks for your email.

Actually in reply to your comment: “It’s interesting to think that real yoga studios might become a thing of the past as more and more people just do it in their own homes”,  I think the reverse will happen.

I personally think more people will come to a real yoga studio due to the online yoga revolution. It’s kinda like the Author Effect.  If your students see that you have recordings of yoga classes online, you instantly become a wee bit of a yoga celebrity in their minds.  That means they’ll stay at your class for longer (e.g. instead of a few weeks, they may stay for a year or more).  And the longer they stay in your classes the more referrals you’ll get.

My theory won’t be proven for a couple years…but I’m pretty confident 🙂

The recording don’t have to be at a live yoga class. They can be recorded in your front room with you dressed in your pyjamas. 15 minute yoga sessions are the most popular online.  That means you could whip out your smartphone, pick a niche subject (e.g. 15 Minute Yoga: How To Discipline Your Monkey Mind On The Golf Course) and record a quick 15 minute yoga session.  That 15 minute recording instantly become a passive income stream (will be made available to millions of people all over the world).

Here’s a link to a blog post with 101 yoga class titles (help inspire you to come up with your own eye-catching titles):

If you want to get started (now you know you can record anywhere), please get hold of me.