Getting Started Guide

5 Steps To Record, Upload & Sell Your First Online Yoga Class


Step 1: Register For Free

If you haven’t already registered, fill out the register form.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have your very own online storefront.  You’ll have a URL link (e.g. for your storefront that you can put on your Facebook Page, website or anywhere online.  You can upload as many audio recordings of your yoga classes as you want for free.

Step 2:  Plan Your Class

Now that you’ve registered, it’s time to plan your first “audio”.

Here are some tips to get you started…

One Theme
Pick one clear theme for each class you record. New teachers find it very tempting to cram each class with lots of stuff because they think by putting more into a class, they’re providing more value. Most experienced yoga teachers know that “less is more”. Here are 101 yoga class themes to give you a wee bit of inspiration.

Yoga Lesson Plan
Spend a few minutes creating a yoga lesson plan (e.g. using The Yoga Genie Lesson Planner). Once you’ve created the lesson plan, you’ll be able to download it as a PDF document that can be uploaded along with the MP3 audio file. If you don’t normally create yoga lesson plans, you don’t need to. However, it’s highly recommended that you do create a lesson plan because it only takes a few minutes and most students will appreciate having a visual cue to go with the audio.

There are also 200+ yoga class handouts within The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit that you can use and edit. You can upload the handout(s) with the audio as a bonus.

If you have taken the time to create a lesson plan and handout, you now have an attractive “online yoga class package”. This package will significantly increase the perceived value of your audio. The yoga teachers who include a lesson plan and/or handouts with each of their audios will be the ones getting the most sales.

Step 3: Record Your Class

Here are the 3 bits of audio recording equipment you’ll need.

And here’s my 8 step formula for recording an audio.

Basic getting started steps….

a) Flight Mode: Make sure your phone is switched to Flight Mode before recording to make sure it isn’t interrupted by a phone call. If you don’t know how to switch your phone to flight mode, Google something like: “how to switch XYZ phone to flight mode”.

b) Record: Strap the smartphone to your arm using a jogging armband, insert the Smartlav microphone and click record on the audio recording app that comes with your phone.

On an iPhone the recording app is called “Voice Memos“.

On a Samsung Smartphone the recording app is called “Voice Recorder”.

There are lots of different audio recording apps you can purchase on the Apple App Store and Google Play, but the default recording apps work just fine.

c) Rename: When the class is finished click the stop button and rename the audio file (e.g.  I named one of the yoga classes I recorded recently: make-for-the-centre).

d) Folder: Create a folder on your computer and name it something like “Yoga Class Audios”.

e) Transfer: Transfer all your recorded classes (mp3 files) into the folder you just created (step d). If you don’t know how to transfer files from your phone to your computer, Google something like: “how to transfer files from XYZ phone to my computer“.

The easiest way is to email the audio file to yourself straight from the recording app.

You can use a “lead” to transfer audios.

You can use a “file transfer app” to transfer audios.

You can find a “youngster” to help you out (they are all experts on how to use smartphones).

Step 4: Upload To Your Storefront

You are now ready to upload the audio to your storefront.

a) Login: You can log into your storefront by clicking the “login” link at the top right of this website.

b) Add Product: Click the “Add Product” link.

c) Yoga Audio Title: Enter the title of your audio. Make the title as interesting as possible. You might like these 101 yoga class title ideas

d) Sales Copy: Write a short paragraph describing your audio. Include any extras (bonuses). Bonuses will help entice visitors to purchase your audios.

Example of bonuses include: 

  • JPG OR PNG IMAGE (e.g. take a photo of hand drawn yoga sequence) 

e) Featured Image: The featured image for your audio is the equivalent of an author’s book cover. Pick an eye-catching image that represents your audio. Make sure the image size is: 700 x 640 pixels.

f) Price:

Price Field

In the “Name Of Price Option” box, write the name of the file (e.g. Buddha Golf MP3).

In the “Amount” box, write the amount you want to charge (e.g. 1.49).

Recommended Prices:

  • 15 Minute Audio: £1.49
  • 30 Minute Audio: £1.99
  • 60 Minute Audio: £2.49
  • 90+ Minute Audio: £2.99

Click “UPLOAD” and find the file you want to upload. When you’ve uploaded it the file URL will appear in the “File URL box”. If you have more than one file (e.g. MP3 audio file and a PDF) you’ll need to zip it). If you want to charge extra for each file, you can click “Add File” (e.g. you might want to change for the PDF of the lesson plan).

g) Audio Category

Choose the appropriate category for your audio.

h) Length Of Audio 

Select the length of your audio.

I) Demo Audio

If you want to display an Audio Player that plays a demo (e.g. 60 seconds of the audio), you can. Giving the prospect a “taste” of your audio will help you sell them. You will need to edit your original audio. Do NOT upload the full audio here (otherwise you’ll be giving it away for free).

j) Submit 

When you’re happy with everything, click the “SUBMIT” button. Your audio will now be available for purchase on the Home Page of and also on your own storefront. To get the URL of your storefront, log in to this site (see “log in” link on the top menu). Within the “Dashboard” section, you’ll find your storefront URL.

K) Promote

I recommend adding your storefront link (see J to find the link) to your website and letting your yoga students know they can purchase your “yoga audios”.

I also recommend you add the link to your Facebook Page saying something like: “Hey everyone, I’ll be recording my yoga classes from now on. If you ever want to download one of my yoga classes (in MP3 audio format), you can find them all here: YOUR STORE URL.”  

Step 5: Get Paid 

You will receive 70% of each sale (30% goes towards helping me run this website).  I hope that sounds fair.  You’ll receive your earnings on the last day of each month via paypal.


faqs audio yoga classes


You, the yoga teacher, plant self growth seeds by recording your classes and publishing them on this site. You don’t pay anything to us for your profile page (where you upload and sell your audio classes). We provide that to you for free and give you 70% of each sale.


Creating audios of your yoga classes is very similar to writing a book.

The moment you upload your first yoga class to your free storefront, your students will perceive you as more professional. That perceived expertise has the wonderful effect of turning more students into lifetime students. And having more lifetime students means you need to do little or no traditional marketing to find new students.

So to recap…

Not only will you drive more students to your classes by having “audios of your classes” here on, you’ll also attract more lifetime students. I was a business consultant for 15 years before becoming a full-time yoga teacher.  Would you like to know the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to build a sustainable, profitable yoga business?


Keep your current students coming back for more!

Most yoga teachers (and other micro businesses) think “marketing” is all about attracting new customers. That’s a big mistake. Spending most of your marketing activities attracting new customers is a sensationally bad marketing strategy. I personally only spend 1% of my marketing activities attracting new customers (e.g. putting up flyers, putting adverts in my local directory, etc). 99% of my marketing time is spent on tactics that keep my students coming back week after week after week. And the fastest way to get students coming back for more is to “become a better yoga teacher”. One of the fastest way to become a better yoga teacher is to start recording your yoga classes.


The quickest way to become a better yoga teacher is to strap a jogging armband to your arm, insert your smartphone, insert a smartlav mic, record your classes and upload them to your free online storefront here at Knowing that your recording will be available forever online (unless you delete it) to everyone all over the world is powerful motivation to “step up” and go deeper into the craft of teaching yoga.

Time for an example…

To go deeper into the craft of teaching yoga, you might want to take a quick peek at the 200+ free yoga lesson planning tips, tools and templates at my site.  You might like this post on how teach yoga like a poet.

Be warned! Once you strap on your jogging armband and record your first class, you very well may get hooked. It’s great fun. You’ll love it.


If you like the idea of creating yoga lesson plans easily, effortless and professionally then use the Yoga Teacher Lesson Planning Software available at to create a yoga lesson plan at the click of a button.

You can use the Ask Genie Button to create a yoga lesson plan instantly.  And you can also effortlessly create a lesson plan from scratch using the time saving drag and drop feature. You can save all your lesson plans in one place (your profile page) and feel mega organised.

Armed with the Yoga Teacher Lesson Planner Software you’ll never again need to stare at a blank page and spend hours burning the midnight oil creating a yoga lesson plan.

Your life is busy enough without wasting your energy creating yoga lesson plans from scratch.

Make it easy on yourself. Sometimes less is more.


You can upload classes from 5 minutes and up.

15 minute classes are the most popular because people can easily practice 15 minutes of yoga at their desks during breaks and lunch. 90 minute sessions are the traditional length for classes and are popular for home practices.


Yes. Guided meditations are accepted.


Have a think about themes you have an interest in such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Couples yoga
  • Yoga for climbers
  • Yoga for golfers
  • Yoga for ME
  • Yoga for runners

You might like this blog post I wrote called: 101 yoga lesson plan ideas.

The Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit includes  250+ yoga class handouts that you can edit. Each one of those handouts could be a “theme” for your next yoga lesson plan.


You can record anything you think “yoga students” would like to listen to.

That means you don’t need to record only your classes. You could strap your jogging armband to your arm, insert your smartphone and smartlav mic and teach to an imaginary yoga class. Remember that the most popular audios are 15 minutes long. That means you could create lots of short 15 minute yoga classes (e.g. 15 minute yoga session focusing on breathing exercises to help destress). It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Don’t feel you need to spend hours creating an elaborate yoga lesson plan. Just do what you normally do, and record it.

You could record yourself talking about how to apply yoga to everyday life (e.g. how to apply the Sutras or Gita). Don’t try to sound like a yoga teacher. Be natural. Just imagine you’re chatting to one of your best friends.

You could record your yoga workshops, retreats, lectures and 1 to 1 yoga sessions.

You could record yourself in bed practicing “Evening Yoga” to help people sleep like a baby.

You could record yourself practicing yoga poses and breathing exercises for golfers. If you know someone who plays golf, offer them a free 1 to 1 session. Record that session.

You could record a series of audios on a subject. Most yoga students are used to a 6 week yoga course. So, you could record 6 audios (e.g. record six one to one sessions of yourself talking about a subject).