Golf Waking Meditation: Unleash Your Inner Smile

golf walking meditations

Hi, my name is George. I’m a BWY yoga teacher and retired professional golfer. I recorded this walking mediation for my own golf game, now I’d like to share it with you. There are six golf walking meditations. You can purchase one or all of them if you’re really daring.

Each Golf Walking Mediation Comes With: 

  • Golf walking meditation in MP3 format (approximately 15 minutes long).
  • Short version of the MP3 meditation without an introduction (good for listening to on the golf course)
  • Attractive PDF handout of the meditation (in case you want to be able to read it)

If you’re a golfer you’ve probably never done a walking meditation before. Doing a walking meditation while you’re out on the golf course is the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to improve your golf and sanity on the golf course.

You’ll start enjoying your golf more.

You’ll enter the peak performance zone more often.

And here’s why….

The walk between shots is the most crucial part of your golf game. Swinging the club takes 2 seconds. That means 90 seconds out of 4 hours is spent swinging a club. That means a golfer spends 160 times more effort walking then swinging a club. That means a golfer spends 99.937% of the time walking and 0.063% swinging a club. This huge about of time spent walking between shots is why golf is the most “mental” of all sports. There’s so much time between shots to get distracted and dwell on bad shots which is what the untrained mind loves to do.

A walking meditation is the quickest and easiest way to train your golfing brain to enter the peak performance zone more often.

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