15 Minute Yoga Class: Record Your Own Self-Hypnosis Audio And Unleash The Golf Pro Within

self hypnosis for golfers

When purchasing a generic hypnosis audio CD you’ll get average results. Though, I presume you want better than average results. Recording your very own hypnosis audio will have a dramatic improvement on your game. Recording your own hypnosis audio will take you less than an hour and is more effective because you’ll create it for your own specific golfing needs. By creating the hypnosis audio you’ll get a crash course in the art and science of self-hypnosis.

I take you through the three steps to creating a self-hypnosis audio.

Step 1: Guiding
Step 2: Personalised Script
Step 3: Wake Up

If you follow the simple steps, by the end of the audio you’ll have recorded your own golf self-hypnosis audio. Just don’t let your playing partners know you’re taking the easy route to better golf. Let them think you’re busy beating balls on the range.


  • Self-hypnosis for golfers eBook
  • Self-hypnosis script template for golfers