15 Minute Yoga Class: Gain 30 Yards By Practicing This Top Secret Yoga For Golfers Pose

Yoga For Golfers

In this 15 minute yoga session (mp3 audio) you’ll learn one of the best hip-opening yoga poses for increasing distance off the tee.

If gaining extra yardage isn’t enough, here are three other reasons to practice this hip-opener.

  • Supple hips can ease the dreaded golfer’s back pain
  • Supple hips improves your posture over the ball
  • Supple hips improves circulation in your legs

And there’s more goodness to this hip-opener…

You may not know it, but right now you’re holding stress and negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and sadness in your pelvis. I know what you’re thinking…sounds as if I’ve just morphed into a hippy.

Hear me out on this one…

As any golfer knows, negative emotions are disastrous for good golf. For this reason alone it’s important to practice Butterfly Pose because it’s amazing at moving prana (life force) from the top half of your body to the bottom half. You can think of your pelvis as your body’s junk drawer. Whenever you don’t know what to do with a negative feeling, you put it in your hips and store.


  • Butterfly pose for golfers infographic (PNG format)
  • Butterfly pose for golfers infographic (PDF format)
  • Butterfly pose for golfers video (MP4 file)