A Wee Bit About George

George-In-Warrior-PoseThanks for visiting my site.  My name is George Watts.  I’m a fully qualified BWY yoga teacher.

My grandmother practised yoga for over 50 years.  My mother has been a yoga teacher for over 15 years.  My auntie is a yoga teacher.  So, I guess yoga is in my blood!

I started a regular yoga practice in 2001 when I was a professional golfer.  Yoga eased the constant pain in my lower back until it eventually disappeared.   I was so impressed with the results that I trained with the British Wheel Of Yoga (national body for yoga in the UK).

I  teach Hatha yoga classes in Mid Wales (UK) and run yoga retreats in the UK and Greece.   I live with my amazing partner, Semele Xerri, in Mid Wales and our naughty puppy (Welsh Collie).

OK, a little bit more about me….

Back in 2010, when it was taking me a several hours to write a yoga lesson plan, I decided to create a “yoga lesson planning system” for myself (now called the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit).   I used it for over a year until I shared it with a fellow yoga teacher who told me it was the best thing since sliced bread (that is, if you’re a yoga teacher) and it was my duty to share it with other yoga teachers.   A few years on and over 1000 yoga teachers from all over the world are now using my Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit  which is very humbling.

What else?

Ah yes, one other way I get to help my fellow yoga teachers is by designing yoga websites.   When I’m not updating the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit or teaching yoga, I can usually be found designing yoga websites.   If you already have a yoga website and would like some help with the “marketing”, take a peek at my Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

I’ve created a few other Yoga Teacher Kits.  All the Kits I’ve created were originally for my own yoga business.

If you’re thinking of running a yoga retreat, I created a resource called the Yoga Retreat Kit which has a step-by-step blueprint for hosting a successful yoga retreat.  Plus, if you’d like a simple system for keeping up with your yoga bookkeeping, take a little look at my Yoga Bookkeeping Kit.

I also created something called the Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit, which could be useful if you’re thinking of setting up a yoga studio, as it has all the tips, tools and templates you need to set up a successful yoga studio.  I created it when planning for a Eco yoga studio in Mid Wales.

One of my “joys” is helping other yoga teachers with their yoga lesson planning.  Since 2010 I’ve filled this site with 100’s of free yoga lesson planning tips, tools and templates.  I hope you enjoy them!

My real passion is teaching yoga.   Many people work at a job they hate, but I get to teach yoga.   And people pay me for it (even though I’d gladly do it for free).   I love everything about teaching yoga.

I love my quirky students, even when they test me in the middle of a class with a really tricky question.

I love the aroma of yoga mats.

I love formulating a funky, original yoga class theme that surprise and intrigue my students.

I love having the opportunity to make a difference to someones life, even if it’s only for 90 minutes a week.

I love showing up to my yoga classes feeling like a kid with a really big secret, that’s just too good to keep.

I love the preparation process that goes into turning a cold room into a warm, comforting, welcoming place where yoga blossoms into life for 90 minutes.

I love chatting with students before and after class.

I love the fact that I’ve left an honesty bowl on a table in my yoga classes for several years (that’s 100’s of yoga classes) and not one student has ever failed to pay (a few forgot to pay and paid the following week).

I love that teaching yoga is a fabulous excuse to learn more cool things about yoga, which I can then share with my students and add to the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit and Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Kit.

I love witnessing the subtle physical and emotional progress of my “regular students”,  the ones that come to class every week even if there’s a raging snow storm.

I love seeing the light turn on within a new student when they suddenly “get it” and start a lifelong journey with yoga.

OK, George, that’s enough “loving”.